How to become a programmer?

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Are you first time programmer OR Quality assurance engineer wanting to be coder?

Let me tell you story,  learning Coding is similar to going to gym.

You are alone and started going to gym to be more healthy- 1st day yes it was awesome, 2nd day good, 3rd day good but 4th day you missed it due to some other work.

Now what are probability that you will continue, its really low compared to if you had started learning with a friend/mentor, he would motivate you to come to gym.

So if you want to learn try to find friend OR else an mentor.

For finding coding friends: Just check you linkedin connection and check their skills page. Example- if you looking to learn Android then find a friend who had worked on that technology and also can he afford about 6-8 hours per week for sharing knowledge.

For finding mentors: check – Its mentor based code learning platform. Mentor are working software engineer at companies like amazon, flipkart etc. Don’t know what is mentor based learning then check this page

If you have a friend then that’s great else you can always get mentor at


I climbed from Quality assurance Enginner Girl to Programmer!

This is inspiring story of Rashmi Kulkurni an B-Tech Graduate in Electronics and computers. As many graduate she never coded, just learnt them and to be honest this was the problem- Knowing the coding concepts by reading from books but not able to do it on keyboard.

After graduation she joined this amazing startup named CampusConnect they hired her as Quality assurance. But she still was trying to coder but was not getting proper guidance and this was realized by CampusConnect founder Vijay Matti. In mean time Vijay came to know about and sponsored her learning

Rashmi Kukurni
Mentor using online tools for teaching

And after the course the girl has trashed her fear for coding and built an small but awesome android 2 month course.

Play Store

This really inspires us of what we can do by just mentoring for the people in need of it.

At the end hear from Rashmi

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If you are also interested in becoming coder then check OR call +91-7760752770