learning to code can help build your career…

Learning to code has lots of benefits. Aside from the obvious (like being able to build websites and apps), coding skills can make you stand out when it comes to looking for career opportunities. With help of your coding skills you can get new job or get promoted.

Ways you can use your code skill to build your career
A new job
Sonia Kulkurni a student was interested in becoming mobile developer so she took a Android course in practical coding,In the course she built an android app called swatch Bharath, after the course completion she ended up getting a job at a startup.

Get Promoted
Rashmi Kulkurni’s company was looking to build an Android app, she didn’t know anything about coding so she took android course in practical coding which was sponsored by her company.After the course completion she’s been promoted from content creator to android developer in her company
check the complete story

Become a Developer
Apps are in. There’s no denying it. Seems everyone these days has a great idea for a mobile app: apps to find food, apps to find rides, apps to find more apps. The list goes on.So you can become a developer and create great apps.


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