Beginners Guide To Learn Coding

“Everybody in this world should learn to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think.”

– Steve Jobs

“In this decade, programmers will be most important people on world as they have more power to influence.”

– UnNamed

With the boom in the startup industry, coding has gained importance across the world and in developing countries like India. Some of the biggest names in technology like RedBus phanindra Sama, CommonFloor Lalit Mangal and others are encouraging people to take up coding. The rationale for this being, as the Internet of Things becomes a reality, it would be pivotal for people to know how to code.

To cater to this growing need of talented coders, several free and paid websites have cropped up, which provide a gamified code learning experience. We went through some of the most popular ones and created flows to help you get started.

1. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a trusted name in the sphere of online learning. Their unique pattern of instruction introduces the subject matter with micro-lectures and a gamification model for coding having automated assessments and exercises.

2. Codecademy

24 million users strong and growing, Codecademy is one of the best websites to learn how to code. It helps coders master a variety of coding languages with little to no prior experience with its self-serving programming courses. The website features courses covering 7 programming languages which include Ruby, Python, and Javascript.

3. Code Avengers

Code Avengers is a fascinating website designed with a gamified interface that makes coding interesting for beginners. It focuses on the fundamentals, and teaches you how to create websites, apps and games with programming languages such as Javascript, HTML, and CSS. The coolest thing about Code Avengers is that each and every session ends with a game that gets more enthralling as you level up.

4. Google University Consortium courses

Google, the kingpin of internet, has been continually stirring individuals to come up with great ideas and develop them. Here you can learn how to code for Android, website design, and Google’s programming language Go.


This website has a vast repository of publications and lecture videos on coding. By studying the material, you will learn basics of coding.

All the above are doing great for the cause of programming but if you are still not satisfied with these then check – Its live Instructor lead code learning platform, trusted by thousand of learners.


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