Why Roshan, an Entrepreneur started learning coding at PracticalCoding.in?

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Roshan Cariappa is founder of TheWolf – provides marketing services for small businesses.

Roshan’s email to PracticalCoding.in

Hi Basu,

Hope you’re doing well. I stumbled upon your initiative, Practical Coding, and thought I’d connect with you personally.
A brief introduction of myself – I am responsible for the business end of a tech / design firm based in Bangalore that works on web & mobile apps. Although, I am an engineer and have worked extensively with technology teams in delivering solutions, I don’t write or understand code. More- https://www.linkedin.com/in/cariappack.
I’m interested in learning technology so,
– I can understand technology solutions, better, and hence lead my team more effectively, and
– I can translate my ideas into working prototypes.
Specifically, I’m looking to learn web technologies with focus on both, frontend and backend development.
The main challenge I have the with the current options are:
– MOOCs (Udemy, etc): very skill oriented.
– Offline (NIIT, etc): very certificate oriented.
I’m looking at a holistic approach to programming that starts with the basics and which balances, both, theoretical and practical aspects.
And yes that’s what PracticalCoding.in delivered, his feedback
PC offers continuous mentoring by serious developers and practical learning through projects. Highly recommended! Link
So if you Entrepreneur, Marketing Guy Or Non Tech guy interested in coding then check www.PracticalCoding.in – Its Instructor led code learning platform.
Check PracticalCoding.in Promo video

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