For Android programming Beginner’s which is good Eclipse OR Android Studio?

Eclipse and Android studio
Eclipse and Android studio

If you’re getting started with Android Development, begin with Android Studio.

Even with the enormous amount of tutorials you can find about Android Development on Eclipse, Android Studio is a far simpler way to develop for Android if you manage to get the hang of it.

Eclipse is no more supported for new updates by Google for Android Development. So no new features will be added to eclipse.

Many of sample codes from google are only made available for Android studio build ex Google IO App

Some things you should know

  • For Android Studio you need minimum of 2 GB Ram but works best for 4 GB Ram. But eclipse works great in 2 GB Ram also.
  • You can convert existing eclipse source code to Android studio, but can’t convert from studio to eclipse
  • Android is now not just about Phone, its now run wearables, TV’s and others. So without support of awesome tools from google for your eclipse it’s like a gun without a bullet.

So if you are beginner in Android development then do consider starting with Android Studio.

To download Android studio go to 


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