Why experienced developers should start mentoring aspiring code learners?

— 2 minutes read —

World, companies and startups need plenty of more programmers.

According to a study

Opportunities for Software Engineers in coming decade

  • 1,400K  New Jobs demand
  • 400K     New Software Engineers to be filled
  • 1,000K   Still Unfilled positions

So there will be still be need of 1,000K software engineers and this is huge number.

There are many people from different fields like Quality Assurance Engineer, Non IT working professionals, students are trying to move to coding, but they are not able to find good mentors who can guide them.

So if you are programmer with say 3+ years of experience, you can be mentor to learners.

Advantages of being mentor:

  • SHARE : There are many people in the world interested to learn coding, but are not able get Industry experienced mentor. You share your knowledge with them.
  • EARN : Sharing knowledge is one of the best thing you are giving back to society and as a by product you will also make serious money for your part time work.
  • BE ENTREPRENEUR : Programmers have always dreamed about being entrepreneur, we see this as chance for coders to be entrepreneur in their own comfort

If you interested in mentoring then there are many online platforms to consider but www.PracticalCoding.in is best place to start mentoring .


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