Why quality assurance engineers need to move to coding job.

World need lakhs of good programmers, in countries like India, Brazil, Indonesia etc. To be specific there is huge gap in demand and supply of quality programmers. In this startup wave, there is huge demand for programmers.

There are tons of education institutes producing unskilled programmers. So one way to fill the demand is to convert Quality assurance engineers into programmers as they are well qualified with their experience. And a recent study says 66% of QA engineers are qualified to be good programmers.

Developer creates bugs!


  1. Pay will increase by 2-3 time of existing.
  2. World need good coders.
  3. Many people have become QA engineer not choice but as last option, now its best time do what you really wanted to.

Opportunities for New Software Engineers

According to a study

  • 1,400K  New Jobs in IT in coming decade
  • 400K     New Software Engineers to be filled
  • 1,000K   Still Unfilled positions

For QA Engineers just check this inspiration story I Climbed From Quality Assurance Engineer Girl To Programmer

*We are not at all telling QA engineer job is smaller compared to programmers, but it easy to train a someone to be QA engineer but its very hard to create a coder, And QA engineer is really close to be one. And also the writer of this post was also QA engineer turned programmer, as he always wanted to build things.

if you interested be coder then check out http://www.PracticalCoding.in – Its mentor based code learning platform for quality assurance engineers.


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