Why Massive open online course(MOOC) is not working for many.

MOOC is/was one of the biggest way to show how we can use internet power and try to solve humanity problems. MOOC is that platform where any body with electronic device like feature phone, smart phone or computer can learn from best of best teachers and it is really amazing to see a person in USA can learn yoga from its birth place- yoga teacher from India OR learning about User experence(UX) from an Stanford professor who has tons of research paper.

But there is problem look at this facts, only 3 percent of learners complete MOOC course. Seriously, so why its not working for other 97% of learners.

Reasons might be

  • Are we trying to solve a problem or show scalability: MOOC was starting with simple concept if you are capable to teach 100 people then you can also teach 1 lakh learners at once. But this is not working, education needs human touch, its needs personnel attention, which is impossible with 1 teacher and 1,00,000+ learners.
  • Making it free OR pricing it really low : If we are not tagging valuable money to a product then customer feels its of under quality and this is motivating learners to drop out.
  • Use of Recorded video is more compared to live sessions :  Many learner due to many reasons like change in time zone tend to download videos and watch them latter, but here is the biggest problem- you will not be that serious watching recorded videos compared tot live sessions.

What could be solution to take quality education to every body in a sustainable way: We need to create huge pool of part time teachers who will share there knowledge and also get paid for that. Let say if somebody is working as Android developer for 5+ years, then he can take a group of learner and start mentoring its same with music, yoga etc.

We at PracticalCoding.in are discovering that Mentor based learning can be solution for those 97% percent.

If you are not happy with MOOC courses due to above specified problem, then do try mentor based code learning at www.PracticalCoding.in , we assure you of complete satisfaction, as we did for 100’s  of learners.


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