Why do we need mentor based learning platforms?

First of let us know what is mentor based learning is- It is learning with qualified mentor, who will help you to acquire the learning skill. Let say if you want to learn learn Android development, then mentor here will be a person who is working as Android developer with 3+ years of experience and he will mentor you in his part time.

Now the question is do we really need mentor based learning:

Why as a learner we need it:

  • We are in a busy world its always impossible to make time to find every thing online, so mentor will help you in your learning as a solutions provider.
  • As a learner we need a mentor to motivate and encourage us.
  • World is becoming more competitive at-least programming/coding, it change time to time, we need to update ourselves with the latest language to be relevant
  • Learning makes you humble and strive to make you better.
  • You can get high pay with expanding your knowledge

Why as a mentor we need it:

  • People are in need of good mentor to acquire skill which might help
    • Them to get job
    • Increase their pay
    • They are unable to learn the skills because of not getting a good mentor
  • You get opportunity to share knowledge, which is inline with moto behind building great human society – sharing and caring.
  • As a by-product of sharing knowledge, you will also make good money for your time.

As the founder of PracticalCoding.in , I really believe the PracticalCoding.in will be a platform to share knowledge in a sustainable and enjoyable way.

-Basavaraj Hampali

Founder, PracticalCoding.in



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