How is the future for new software engineer job?

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World, companies and startups need plenty of more programmers.

According to a study

Opportunities for Software Engineers in coming decade

  • 1,400K  New Jobs demand
  • 400K     New Software Engineers to be filled
  • 1,000K  Still Unfilled positions

So there will be still need of 10 lakh software engineers and this is huge number.

There are many people from different fields like Quality Assurance Engineer, Non IT working professionals, students are trying to move to coding.

Check this blog post – How to become a programmer?

If you are intersted to be coder, then do check – Its mentor based code learning platform. Mentors are working IT proffesionals with 3+ years of experence.


Why experienced developers should start mentoring aspiring code learners?

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World, companies and startups need plenty of more programmers.

According to a study

Opportunities for Software Engineers in coming decade

  • 1,400K  New Jobs demand
  • 400K     New Software Engineers to be filled
  • 1,000K   Still Unfilled positions

So there will be still be need of 1,000K software engineers and this is huge number.

There are many people from different fields like Quality Assurance Engineer, Non IT working professionals, students are trying to move to coding, but they are not able to find good mentors who can guide them.

So if you are programmer with say 3+ years of experience, you can be mentor to learners.

Advantages of being mentor:

  • SHARE : There are many people in the world interested to learn coding, but are not able get Industry experienced mentor. You share your knowledge with them.
  • EARN : Sharing knowledge is one of the best thing you are giving back to society and as a by product you will also make serious money for your part time work.
  • BE ENTREPRENEUR : Programmers have always dreamed about being entrepreneur, we see this as chance for coders to be entrepreneur in their own comfort

If you interested in mentoring then there are many online platforms to consider but is best place to start mentoring .

What are the available Mentor based code learning platforms?

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Massive open online course(MOOC) like coursera , edx, udemy are doing amazing job but they are not the complete solution for next level learning, check Why Massive open online course(MOOC) is not working for many.

From 2011 there are many mentor based learning platforms that have evolved and doing great for skill development, below we will listing out some of those


Started: 2012

Based out from: New York, USA

About: A 21st century education should equip you with the skills to succeed in the 21st century world. At Thinkful, we’re building a school that trains the workforce in the technology skills necessary to sustain innovation and growth in the economy.

We have developed a method of online teaching that emphasizes practical, sustainable skills and prepares students to achieve their career goals.


Started: 2013

Based out from: Bangalore, India

About: Vinod Dham(also know father of pentium) is the CEO of AcadGild. AcadGild is a technology education startup, founded by IT Industry professionals from IIT/IIM. We aim to create an ecosystem for skill development, where people can learn from mentors and from each other.


Started: 2011

Based out from: New York, USA

About: At General Assembly, we are creating a global community of individuals empowered to pursue work they love, by offering full-time immersive programs, long-form courses, and classes and workshops on the most relevant skills of the 21st century – from web development and user experience design, to business fundamentals, to data science, to product management and digital marketing.


Started: 2012

Based out from: Paulo Alto, USA

About: Bloc offers structured, intensive online courses in web development, mobile development, and web design, built around the time-tested model of an apprenticeship. Bloc students around the world acquire life-changing skills through hands-on, project-based learning and continuous mentoring from an experienced professional.


Started: 2014

Based out from: Hubli/Bangalore, India

About: Its an Mentor based code learning platform. Mentor here are experienced programmers with 3+ years of experience and working at companies like google, amazon, flipkart etc. Our mentor have passion to share their knowledge with others. We presently have 100+ verified mentors and about 200+ learners on our platform. was started by group of programmers as a community for connecting Learners and Mentors. The company is completely bootstrapped

How to become a programmer?

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Are you first time programmer OR Quality assurance engineer wanting to be coder?

Let me tell you story,  learning Coding is similar to going to gym.

You are alone and started going to gym to be more healthy- 1st day yes it was awesome, 2nd day good, 3rd day good but 4th day you missed it due to some other work.

Now what are probability that you will continue, its really low compared to if you had started learning with a friend/mentor, he would motivate you to come to gym.

So if you want to learn try to find friend OR else an mentor.

For finding coding friends: Just check you linkedin connection and check their skills page. Example- if you looking to learn Android then find a friend who had worked on that technology and also can he afford about 6-8 hours per week for sharing knowledge.

For finding mentors: check – Its mentor based code learning platform. Mentor are working software engineer at companies like amazon, flipkart etc. Don’t know what is mentor based learning then check this page

If you have a friend then that’s great else you can always get mentor at

Why do we need mentor based learning platforms?

First of let us know what is mentor based learning is- It is learning with qualified mentor, who will help you to acquire the learning skill. Let say if you want to learn learn Android development, then mentor here will be a person who is working as Android developer with 3+ years of experience and he will mentor you in his part time.

Now the question is do we really need mentor based learning:

Why as a learner we need it:

  • We are in a busy world its always impossible to make time to find every thing online, so mentor will help you in your learning as a solutions provider.
  • As a learner we need a mentor to motivate and encourage us.
  • World is becoming more competitive at-least programming/coding, it change time to time, we need to update ourselves with the latest language to be relevant
  • Learning makes you humble and strive to make you better.
  • You can get high pay with expanding your knowledge

Why as a mentor we need it:

  • People are in need of good mentor to acquire skill which might help
    • Them to get job
    • Increase their pay
    • They are unable to learn the skills because of not getting a good mentor
  • You get opportunity to share knowledge, which is inline with moto behind building great human society – sharing and caring.
  • As a by-product of sharing knowledge, you will also make good money for your time.

As the founder of , I really believe the will be a platform to share knowledge in a sustainable and enjoyable way.

-Basavaraj Hampali


Why Massive open online course(MOOC) is not working for many.

MOOC is/was one of the biggest way to show how we can use internet power and try to solve humanity problems. MOOC is that platform where any body with electronic device like feature phone, smart phone or computer can learn from best of best teachers and it is really amazing to see a person in USA can learn yoga from its birth place- yoga teacher from India OR learning about User experence(UX) from an Stanford professor who has tons of research paper.

But there is problem look at this facts, only 3 percent of learners complete MOOC course. Seriously, so why its not working for other 97% of learners.

Reasons might be

  • Are we trying to solve a problem or show scalability: MOOC was starting with simple concept if you are capable to teach 100 people then you can also teach 1 lakh learners at once. But this is not working, education needs human touch, its needs personnel attention, which is impossible with 1 teacher and 1,00,000+ learners.
  • Making it free OR pricing it really low : If we are not tagging valuable money to a product then customer feels its of under quality and this is motivating learners to drop out.
  • Use of Recorded video is more compared to live sessions :  Many learner due to many reasons like change in time zone tend to download videos and watch them latter, but here is the biggest problem- you will not be that serious watching recorded videos compared tot live sessions.

What could be solution to take quality education to every body in a sustainable way: We need to create huge pool of part time teachers who will share there knowledge and also get paid for that. Let say if somebody is working as Android developer for 5+ years, then he can take a group of learner and start mentoring its same with music, yoga etc.

We at are discovering that Mentor based learning can be solution for those 97% percent.

If you are not happy with MOOC courses due to above specified problem, then do try mentor based code learning at , we assure you of complete satisfaction, as we did for 100’s  of learners.

Why quality assurance engineers need to move to coding job.

World need lakhs of good programmers, in countries like India, Brazil, Indonesia etc. To be specific there is huge gap in demand and supply of quality programmers. In this startup wave, there is huge demand for programmers.

There are tons of education institutes producing unskilled programmers. So one way to fill the demand is to convert Quality assurance engineers into programmers as they are well qualified with their experience. And a recent study says 66% of QA engineers are qualified to be good programmers.

Developer creates bugs!


  1. Pay will increase by 2-3 time of existing.
  2. World need good coders.
  3. Many people have become QA engineer not choice but as last option, now its best time do what you really wanted to.

Opportunities for New Software Engineers

According to a study

  • 1,400K  New Jobs in IT in coming decade
  • 400K     New Software Engineers to be filled
  • 1,000K   Still Unfilled positions

For QA Engineers just check this inspiration story I Climbed From Quality Assurance Engineer Girl To Programmer

*We are not at all telling QA engineer job is smaller compared to programmers, but it easy to train a someone to be QA engineer but its very hard to create a coder, And QA engineer is really close to be one. And also the writer of this post was also QA engineer turned programmer, as he always wanted to build things.

if you interested be coder then check out – Its mentor based code learning platform for quality assurance engineers.

I climbed from Quality assurance Enginner Girl to Programmer!

This is inspiring story of Rashmi Kulkurni an B-Tech Graduate in Electronics and computers. As many graduate she never coded, just learnt them and to be honest this was the problem- Knowing the coding concepts by reading from books but not able to do it on keyboard.

After graduation she joined this amazing startup named CampusConnect they hired her as Quality assurance. But she still was trying to coder but was not getting proper guidance and this was realized by CampusConnect founder Vijay Matti. In mean time Vijay came to know about and sponsored her learning

Rashmi Kukurni
Mentor using online tools for teaching

And after the course the girl has trashed her fear for coding and built an small but awesome android 2 month course.

Play Store

This really inspires us of what we can do by just mentoring for the people in need of it.

At the end hear from Rashmi

Also check – Why quality assurance engineers need to move to coding job

If you are also interested in becoming coder then check OR call +91-7760752770